The New Branding: Tips For Creating Shareable Brand Experiences

31 Jul 2021
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If you plan to build an empire, make sure you build a big one! At this stage, opt for an agile process since one does not want to miss a day full of opportunities! # ThinkWithNiche.


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Starting a brand is not every person's game ball, high-soaring competition could lead to various barriers in midst of the beginning. Before making branding part of your life, involving a wide range of audiences is very crucial, to get inside the hearts of people must be your utmost priority. Let's see some tips for creating shareable brand experiences, from fluidity-rich content to extravagant and dynamic media forms. 

Being Fluid 

Fragmented sections when audiences consume content with no particular structure are deemed as "fluid content". Your site must capture the eye of tigers living in any jungle for that matter, in short, website's content must grip target audience along with extending arms to the existing end-user, and turntables to seep in fresh users.  Any website must regularly stay up to date with ongoing trends and enhance the individual experiences of users. 

There are a couple of things that are done by mainstream companies like facilitating certain forms for the public to feed in information, get their fingers tapping by sharing a string of opinions under comment section, change the world with their stories, as well as curate specific digital journals. The time one involves users through these activities, nexuses are easily built and fostered with time.

Zestful Media

Dynamic media which carries high-quality, extraordinary video content is something every watcher craves to beat boredom. By incorporating rich flavors into your website, it's easy to draw users towards your business. Something like interactive and active content played in video enables transformation in purchasing power. Watching at the same time hearing digital audio leaves a powerful impact on audiences. It's easy to boost brand awareness by using these extra skills. Some types of video platforms one can infiltrate among their business line are educational, explainer, product, experience, and company culture videos. Media-rich in content has become a hot trend!

Run Contests

Everyone gets hooked on winning freebies, if you desire to run contests across websites, make sure to fill social media platforms with richer content. By doing this, you are likely to reach a wider audience and be more organic in nature. Once freebies reach users, they would generate their own set of reviews which might help strengthen their buying power in the future. 


The best way to extract traction from users is by involving them in various events, inviting existing ones to anniversary or brand launches, and spreading the word on social media. It would make a big difference!


If you plan to build an empire, make sure you build a big one! At this stage, opt for an agile process since one does not want to miss a day full of opportunities! 

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