Tackling the Omen of Overthinking

15 Jan 2022
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Our thoughts shape our lives, but Overthinking brings anxiety and distress. In this phase of Covid-19 and Omicron, it becomes more worrying because it can cause depression. But we must remember that it is not a big problem and has a solution. So in this blog, let us discuss this problem and find ways of tackling it. #ThinkWithNiche


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There is a popular saying, "There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your Thoughts." Certainly! Our thoughts are the very essence of our being. We can run away from the whole world, but what we cannot run away from is our thoughts. They are the voices in our heads, and they are the ones that can either make or break you! While I am writing this article, several things are going in my head – the worry of my mother, household problems, my desire to have a good career, and so many other things. Amid all this, I have to stay clear to write this article!

Our Thoughts Shape Our Life!

Our thoughts never leave us! These voices in our heads keep hammering our minds. In childhood, they are less, but as we grow old, they get more profound and do not give any respite! They pave the way for the journey of our lives. They shape our entire career rather, our complete character! Whether we become a hero, or a zero, it is largely due to their artwork! Our Thoughts decide whether the glass is half empty or half full. They decide that the Pandemic era is a time of fear or an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones! So our thought process continues 24x7!

Thoughts Minimize or Magnify Problems!

Our thoughts can minimize a problem or magnify it. Anyone can fall! Many people fall, but they get up and carry on with life. But some sensitive people take it to their heart. They think and think about it. They begin to feel the entire moment deeply and take it as an embarrassment, rather than just another fall! And whenever they meet a similar situation, they become nervous. Either they stop going there or fall again out of nervousness! It is a result of Overthinking!

Overthinking: A Curse by Invitation!

Similarly, many aged people think about the future and become distressed. They worry about their money and concoct situations that are not there. I work from home. Once I sent an email to my employer, but I did not get a reply. A couple of days passed, and it started! I thought maybe he did not want to work with me, and maybe, he had hired someone else! And all these maybes pushed me into the pit of misery! After some days, I got a reply from him that he got stuck up in some urgent work. So everything was fine, and I was just Overthinking! It is not a curse, as they say! Rather, it is a curse by invitation, because we start thinking that way!

Overthinking affects Health!

Overthinking is a product of negative feelings like fear, insecurity, nervousness, sadness, and negativity. When we think negatively about a certain issue, we start Overthinking. It brings health problems like headaches, hypertension, stress, and depression. We start imagining a situation and then worry about the result, which is only in the imagination! But the worry is reality! 

Covid Precaution is Necessary but not Worries!

Even in the present Pandemic era, we keep worrying about what will happen if our loved ones get affected by the Omicron virus. Quarantine, hospitalization and God forbid…! What all we think! We live in the worst situations in our minds and start worrying about it! Yes, precaution is very important, but unnecessary worries only add to the misery!

Ways to get Rid of Overthinking!

Why worry about a situation that does not exist? We spoil our present, worrying about the future! So let us calm down and be at peace with ourselves! Let us find some ways to get rid of this screaming monster of Overthinking:

Divert your Attention

The best way to stay away from Overthinking is to divert your attention. Prevent yourself from thinking about the specific thought that is bothering you. You can do this by -

  • Staying with your loved ones
  • Watching a comedy Movie
  • Reading a good Book

Whenever you start overthinking, try thinking in another direction. If it is about your work, start giving time to your family. If it is about your family, think about your work. Just shift your focus. It is not always about You - Yes, no one is perfect! So there is nothing wrong if you made a mistake! There is nothing wrong with getting snubbed at your workplace! You are not always the focal point of everything! People can have their problems, so what happened was just the heat of the moment! So no need to overthink it!

The Art of Laughing at Yourself

Most of us do not dare to laugh at ourselves. So whenever we come face to face with a situation, we become nervous and feel bad about it. We think about it over and over again. So master the art of laughing at yourself. It will help you to take many embarrassing moments in your stride.

Stay Away from Triggers

Some people are frustrated, and they always talk negatively about things. They always show the negative aspect of an issue instead of consoling you. They can trigger overthinking in you! So stay away from such people and situations and be in happy company!

Jot it Down

Another idea could be to take a paper and pen and write down your fears and problems. Try to find a solution and write it on paper. If not, talk it out with a friend who understands you and find a solution. Even if you do not get any solution, it will certainly reduce the burden from your heart. You will get relief from overthinking

Find an Escape

This is possibly the best idea! An escape helps you to shut up the disturbing voices of the head. It soothes your nerves and calms you down! You may take up any hobby as an escape, be it piano, cricket, guitar, cooking or handicrafts, etc. Take up a job or anything that you like or enjoy and get absorbed in it. It will help you to alienate yourself from worrying thoughts. It will also help you think clearly and enhance your performance at your job.


Now do not overthink about it “Am I overthinking?” Overthinking is not a mental disease. It is just a minor disorder that we can overcome with these small solutions. Try to smile and laugh with your loved ones! Sometimes it is a tiny problem and, we make it huge by overthinking, so for now, just go to sleep without giving it a thought! However, you can bookmark it to read whenever Overthinking troubles you! So, ignite your mind for more creative things in life!

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