Successful Safety Tech-Friendly Tips For Solo Female Travellers In India

10 Aug 2021
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Here are some of the most tech-friendly advice and tips for female solo travellers in India. These will help you in a million ways! From using maps to translation apps, read and know brilliant tips to become a successful solo female traveller while arriving in India. #ThinkWithNiche.


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Since, we all are aware that the state of our country regarding women has gone too far, swinging into deep turmoil as women no longer feel safe in their own holy homeland. With heavy precautionary measures taken to safeguard women's vulnerability, it seems every measure is only burning into ashes exaggerating raging online campaigns, hence very little action is uplifted.

There is no less room for wild creatures in our country, from shamelessly whistling on solo female foreign travellers to harassing them over sugar-coated words. Our country sadly has undertaken several ways to doom the women population in every way.

Let's debunk the idea of extending the male population while they are trying to denote demoralizing women in every field, leaving disrespectful notions against women. Sadly, Indian men create gush in their soulless minds to gape at women's sexual anatomy as a 'recreational activity and a source of 'entertainment.

It's high time to safeguard women's social existence in our society consisting of shameless and least liberal men who should be given ‘attention to detail’ caution.

Safety tips for valuable women while travelling alone need to be taken as regarded.

1. A Translator

Foreigners must learn to glorify the existence of one, with the help of a translator, they are less likely to get tricked by a vendor or those who pretend to be wiser men while traveling alone. Translators can trash your dumb behaviour and give you an insight into a deeper sense of meaningful words. It could also be fun to communicate in an unfamiliar language while learning it.

2. Tourist Guide

Hiring a tourist guide while travelling alone will make your journey more pleasing and entertaining. Tourist guides are well-spoken with the whereabouts of every aspect of places, considering them before risking will put your foot into a fruitful deal.

3. Maps

Wandering alone, solo can get a little rough, maps can save the day. Topographic maps or portable maps, both could come in handy when you feel deserted in an unknown city. In-built GPS, voice-over, and location are always safely inherited in Google maps. Learn to use the maps wisely and smartly in case one may seem to be lost in the hood, maps are vital for women travelling alone. 

5. Attitude

Women travelling alone should be able to set an attitude that could be seen as rather exceptionally well accepted as well as be able to raise eyebrows. Carrying the right attitude with different types of people will make you gain insight into the souls of people like rickshaw or cab drivers, vendors, shop keepers, street wanderers, hawkers, slum, or even street wanderers. Getting over-friendly with people having zero value towards various cultures and races will push you into nothing but a big whole trap. Try your lucky charm by flowing smart moves as it may come in handy, arrange little precautionary steps to hinder monolingual speakers to take advantage, and analyze friendly advances at you.

Here are top successful safety tech-friendly tips for solo female travellers in India, these secret cordial safety tips for encouraging safety for solo women travellers around the world will really help you overcome travel fears.

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