Untrodden Success Story of World’s Greatest Mathematician Isaac Newton

07 Aug 2021
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This success story of world’s greatest mathematician Isaac Newton always remains etched into our memories. His inspiring life story will melt your heart. There is more to come! Stay tuned!  #ThinkWithNiche.


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To be successful, you need to fall once or twice before picking up eclectic energy which then remains lifelong. One inspiring person who broke barriers and climbed the ladder of success is none other than the world’s celebrated mathematician, astronomer, and physicist Isaac Newton. He is the man who gave the universe incalculable miracles and discoveries which helps even the general public in their daily lives. Isaac reinvented numbers and reshaped the world. He traveled a hard path to gain success. There are several reasons why he is known as the greatest gift to mankind! Here is a sneak peek behind Isaac Newton’s success story. 

Birth of Numbers

Isaac Newton is the author of numbers which we most often use today. With his God gifted three laws of cycle, mankind improved to great heights. Without Isaac’s efforts to materialize modern physics and basic principles of mathematics, this generation would struggle immensely. This man has revolutionized universal truth, there’s no doubt about that. 

Isaac Newton Early Hurdles 

As no one has it easy, Isaac Newton grew up in an incongruous environment. When his father passed away it is when Isaac’s life changed. His family background is dipped in farming industry. He was born premature and that’s when doctors expected him to die at an early stage. It was a miraculous change that saved him. When Isaac turned 3, his mother made a hasty decision to remarry once again. She resided with her new life partner. It is surprising that Isaac Newton never felt comfortable with his stepfather. So, gradually his childhood and teenage years passed with grandmother. He was a depressed kid with no friend circle which made him work hard on something different. 

In order to prove his strengths, Isaac spent his leisure time playing with devices belonging to mechanical work and models. After spending nine years apart from his mother, she returned back as soon as her husband’s demise. 

A New Life 

Isaac Newton did not perform well in his academics despite enrolling to a new school after two years. He spent most of his time with his uncle. The change of events that took over Isaac’s life changed him. His mother forcefully pulled him out from school and commanded that he work at their farm. Isaac was not a typical kid, he despised being around fields. Isaac’s headmaster persuaded the family to bring him back to his academic career. The idea worked greatly, he became a high ranking student. He earned everyone’s respect in no time. 

Isaac reached great heights when he enrolled into Cambridge University by his own earnings. He went on to become a cleaner and indulged in meager jobs. 

What To Take Away 

Isaac Newton’s success story will be continued and remains to inspire millions all around the world. He is the face behind greatest inventions of all time. This man taught us so much about life.

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