Start A Successful Life: Apply For PR In These Countries 

20 Sep 2021
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Be cautious that because of pandemic there has been crazy hike in real estate. If you possess millions of savings, these countries will assist easily in getting PR.#ThinkWithNiche


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While most people look towards upgrading their life, countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and New Zealand have become hotspots for Indians to permanently settle down. The reason leading to this decision is quite simple. Our nation eats an immense amount of taxes and prevents an idea to provide a great quality of living. Citizens of India have decided to take the plunge. Let’s read what countries are fit for Indian citizens in order to get citizenship. 


Right now it’s not only students but many older people who are eager to make Canada their home. This country is filled with serene views, tantalizing rivers, and skies that shine a variety of colors. One can’t resist the beauty of Canada. It is the only place that holds the majority of Indians in the permanent resident category. Speaking of Canadian people, they exude feelings of warmth towards foreigners. It is also deemed as one of the safest countries to live in. But the only con is that living is too expensive. However, this depends on the area to area. 


If you want to live by stunning blue oceans, Australia is a go-to place in order to settle down. This country is also a hub of many foreign settlers. What’s best about living in Australia is the inclusivity imbibed in their constitution. Wildlife in some places of Australia is a sight to behold. One can imagine the beautiful number of species found here. Apart from attracting international students, it easily gives PR to Indians. 

New Zealand 

Though the leader of New Zealand is a female, we all are in awe of her. New Zealand happens to be the only country that embraced new laws and regulations of gun control. What’s best is that no good deed goes to waste!  Natives of New Zealand are warm and friendly. Education and lifestyle quality is what attracts foreigners to buy homes in this country. Not to forget scenic views of snowy mountains and rich lush lands are good enough to send chills down your spine (in a good way). 


Germany is a country rich in heritage. What people remember most when they hear the initials ‘German’, is the holocaust! Though Germany is history, many international students enjoy enrolling in the world’s prestigious universities. The quality of education is rich. Nowadays, the rumor mill indicates that it is easy to settle down in Germany without any hassle. 


Wanna know which are the world’s most expensive places to live in? It is Singapore! From sparkling skyscrapers to pleasant living, this place is to die for. Singapore attracts a lot of international students all around the world. The only con is that living in Singapore will cost you millions! This is the only expensive place in the world. 

Final Words 

Be cautious that because of pandemics there has been a crazy hike in real estate. If you possess millions of savings, these countries will assist easily in getting PR. 

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