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10 Aug 2021
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The gaming sector has a wide range of opportunities in store. Many schemes have been launched by the government to improve sports infrastructure. This sector has a wide range of opportunities. Sports sector opens the roots to sports tourism, sporting goods, manufacturing, retail, etc. Discover more opportunities to set foot in the sports industry in this blog with us at Niche.#ThinkWithNiche


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Are you passionate about sports, and planning to establish yourself in this sector? Then we have just the thing for you. The gaming sector has a wide range of opportunities in store. The demand, passion from youth, increasing health&fitness consciousness has catalyzed the setting of more and more businesses in this sector. Sports in India have tremendous potential for expansion in the currently existing market. The government is launching schemes that target improvement in infrastructure and encouraging more involvement from the youth of the country in sports. The aim lies in excelling India in sports at the international level.

India is yet to recognize sports as an ‘industry’ but a full-fledged sports sector can contribute significantly to the country’s economy. The sports sector opens a market for sports goods like jerseys, caps, and different sports tools. It also promotes tourism, manufacturing, management, and sponsorship. There are several fields one can explore in the sports sector and establish one of the fields which interest him the most. This sector is witnessing a boom which will benefit the businesses in future. Here are some of the business ideas to explore in the sports sector. 

Sports Club

This setup will attract all sections of society and people from all age groups. If your sports club consists of all facilities for almost every desired sport, then decent revenue generation both monthly and annually would be inevitable. Sports clubs are very famous among rich and upper-middle-class families and people love to relax at weekends and at the same time take care of their fitness at sports clubs. If your services would be at par with people’s expectations, they would even be interested in buying a membership. Attractive discounts and offers would prove to be icing on the cake. Standing apart and doing something exclusive is the need of the hour. It's all up to your creativity what different you do with your sports club.

Sports Themed Restaurants and Bar

This needs strategic planning and moderate investment. People would love the idea of food with entertainment. You can also start a bar where people can watch all types of sports and enjoy drinks. You can have relationships with certain vendors or suppliers or even increase awareness about a brand. Consumers in the urban areas are more aware of the international brands due to their exposure to media and do not hesitate to pay for premium goods. Sports bars can provide sports fans the perfect sporting ambience with large LCD screens for watching live feeds of important international matches. Pool tables, basketball courts, and video games with liquor and some snacks. There are very limited sports-themed restaurants and bars across India, this would be a highly rewarding business venture in future.

Sports Organiser

You can establish yourself in this field and organise various sports trips such as for trekking, camping, skiing, etc. you can introduce favorable packages for the customers and cover the expenses and provide up to the mark services. This will attract not only young or teenagers but travel enthusiasts all over the world. This can be highly profitable. You may even start a community after some time and launch membership facilities and fix the number of trips per year. To break the monotony of their daily routine people love to engage themselves in doing something different, you can even organise weekend sports activities and various competitions at a reasonable cost and make a place for yourself in this industry. You can be a sports event organiser on a large scale like national or international level if you have huge capital.

Sports Photographer 

This can feed you for your both passions about sports and photography. You can start your own business and even appoint photographers under you and later sell those photographs. This can make a way for you to start your own sports magazine. It's a long journey but a very interesting and creative one.

Sports PR Firm

You can start your own independent PR firm for sports athletes. Many athletes and other sports personalities are entrepreneurs as well. Their personal brands must be well known to the public for it also affects their image. Moreover, many sports personalities are engaged in social causes as well. You will need good media contacts for this venture to be successful.

Online Fitness Business

This idea made its place in the market in 2020 when the whole world was hit by a deadly catastrophe. Many gyms went online and many fitness apps both paid and unpaid were launched. Few companies even provided personalized fitness online guidance at a reasonable cost. With such a greater leap towards technology, this endeavour has very high chances to expand much more in coming years when people would love to keep themselves healthy and fit from the comfort of the home.

Sports and fitness are at the central stage right now. With more and more people becoming health conscious, this industry will see huge investments in the future. This sector has a huge target segment for all groups of society clients so it is never-ending. Your services, attractive packages and facilities will help you show yourself as exclusive and hence help you engage with more clients for your company. New commercial opportunities will be developed in the future.  It doesn't matter if you have much experience or not, the new opportunities and your creativity will turn your passion into a profitable venture.

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