Shop Morphe and Jeffree Star Cosmetics On Nykaa Biggest and most awaited Brand Launch In India

01 Oct 2021
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Makeup artists invented them, beauty editors approved them, and beauty bloggers provided instructions, so it's no wonder we like them. #ThinkWithNiche


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The beauty of makeup is that you can experiment with different looks all the time. It's all about experimenting along the way, whether it's adding new items or playing with various colors. While searching for the perfect cosmetic products, we came across these up-and-coming businesses that are establishing a name for themselves in India. Here's a rundown of the latest Indian cosmetics launches. Makeup artists invented them, beauty editors approved them, and beauty bloggers provided instructions, so it's no wonder we like them. We were drawn to these new cosmetics labels because of their creativity, which may be seen in the colorful packaging or the unique ingredients they use. 


MORPHE Cosmetics, the LA-based business founded by Chris and Linda Tawil, is a lifesaver for individuals in need of highly pigmented, high-quality, yet reasonably priced makeup. GenZ bloggers love the tempting eyeshadow palettes from one of the newest beauty brands, and you can use them to create many different styles. MORPHÉE has teamed together with YouTube phenomenon and cosmetic artist Jaclyn Hill to create the Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II (Rs 3,700). Nykaa is where you can get Morphe.

Jeffree Star

The Internet phenomenon and beauty artist Jeffree Star may be a controversial choice when it comes to new product brands because of his racist comments, but his cosmetic line continues to maintain a huge following among makeup lovers. After an apology and a year of the brand expanding to India, be sure to check out their cosmetics items for gorgeous formulations and unusual combinations. For a gorgeous night out, use the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Orgy Eyeshadow Palette (Rs 3,400). You can buy it on Nykaa. 

Suva Beauty 

Suva Beauty, the brainchild of Shaina Azad, has become an instant success among those who enjoy having fun, using color, and using their imaginations. SUVA Beauty was created to help cosmetic artists, but it quickly grew to encompass anybody who likes cosmetics in neon or bright colors. Hydra FX Palettes, Fine Liner Brushes, UV Brights, and UV Taffies are just a few of their best-selling items. Water-activated Hydra Liners (Rs 1,890) is one of their best-selling items, and they come in adorable decorated packaging with highly pigmented formulas that dry quickly. 


Superfood components are deeply ingrained in Asian culture. Jennifer Yen, an Asian-American actress, learned about the Chinese custom of 'Zuo Zue Zi,' or relaxation and recuperation after childbirth, while pregnant. When Yen was growing up, her food was similar to Indian culture in that it was chock-full of nutrients that improved her skin and made her feel better about herself. As a consequence, she founded the Yensa beauty brand, which combines the power of superfoods with cutting-edge skincare and cosmetic forms. The Yensa Beauty Super 8 Lip Oil (Rs 3,120) is a colored oil that delivers high gloss, hydration, and minimizes fine wrinkles with a blend of powerful potent 8 oils.

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