Secret Tips To Keep Your Home Always Neat And Clean Without Being Tired

01 Sep 2021
8 min read

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For some people, cleaning is relaxing and enjoyable work in this world, but for most others, it can be extremely stressful and exhausting, especially when you have a million other things to do. But there are some tricks you can follow which can help you to keep your house clean and without any exhaustion. #ThinkWithNiche.  


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Everyone loves to live in a big, neat, and clean house, but there are only very few people who love to clean their house. It may sound ironic, but it’s the truth. We wake up in the morning and we feel lazy to make our bed ready. It remains clumsy. We cook and eat at home, and there come the big piles of dishes. Cleaning is not just hard but a very boring task that often has to be done every day. And when we ignore it, our home becomes a total mess.

How then, can we enjoy a neat, clean home without being dazed by exhaustion and confusion? The secret is to build habits that, over time, become part of our daily routine, and make cleaning an easy, stress-free practice.

1. Tidy Up Your Bed Immediately After Waking Up

No matter how unimportant this act may seem, but it definitely, gives you a chance of control over the confusion. After waking up you may feel nauseous and lazy to tidy up your bed, but never keep the bed like that and save the work for doing it later. If you make your bed just after waking up, then only you can be free from extra pressure and can focus on other works.

Throughout the day, avoid using your bed to store clothes, books, and other kinds of stuff. It’s a common mistake almost everyone does. This not only doubles up your work pressure, but it also makes your room look clumsy. Moreover, you have to clean the bed again, before going to bed.

2. Put Things In Their Correct Place After Using Them

Like you know how to lessen your work pressure by making your bed just after waking up, follow this same and important rule to keep other things in order also.  If you have too many items in your house and if you don’t keep them in order, it will pile up and create a mess.

So, whether it’s your clothes, books, dishes, or other items, make sure you keep everything in its place after using it. Keeping those items here and there only makes your home look messy and you will have to face problems while finding a particular item. You also may have to spend extra time to clean them up.

3. Wash Up And Set Dishes Regularly

We all at least take three meals a day. We all have to cook that much food, so, imagine how many piles the dishes will create if we don’t wash them on time. Not only it will only increase your work pressure, but also it will stink rotten foods. So, it’s much better to wash the dishes on time.

4. Clean Up With Your Family

It will also be a good idea to set up a cleaning routine and involve your family members in the daily clean-up. Teach your children to clean up and ask them to help with simple chores. It will not only help them to develop good habits from a young age but also make work easier for everyone to do in a group.

Also, working in a group can make cleaning fun. Cleaning is a task that is very boring and tiresome. But working with a group can make it fun. You can also listen to music while working, music will help to relieve stress and remove the boring atmosphere.

5. Make Cleaning A Habit

It is always a good idea, to set a habit for cleaning. There are some works which we need to do daily, like washing dishes, sweeping, making up the bed, etc. but you can set a day or two in a week to clean the whole household, removing dust, setting up books and other items, mopping, etc.

It is also a good idea if you can do multitasking. Like you can clean bathroom sinks or scrub the tiles when you’re in the shower, and you can also combine dusting with sweeping and mopping. It will help you to complete the little chores in one go. 

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