Remembering Our Early Childhood Guardian Angels- Our Teachers- This Teacher’s Day

05 Sep 2021
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5th September should be a special day for all of us, for the little child within all of us. On this day, our hearts should be filled with warmth, love, flashbacks, and tribute to our guardian angels- our teachers. No matter at what age you are or what educational background you come from, a teacher has helped you to reach this stage of life. She has nurtured you from being a little unruly kid to the confident disciplinarian you are today. Take a moment to thank a teacher as you begin this blog. #ThinkWithNiche


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Remember how you'd return home from school unhappy and whining about how your teacher had punished you? Remember when your favourite teacher complimented you in front of the whole class for being the best-dressed child in the class, or when your classmates started collecting money to decorate your classroom before Teacher's Day? Remember how you decorated the class like a banquet hall with whatever small sum you had amassed? Flowers, cake, pencils, handwritten cards, ribbons, and songs devoted to your instructors, to name a few items. I am sure a huge wave of nostalgia has hit you as you are reading along, this teacher’s day make sure to drop a text to your beloved teacher and thank them for their contribution to your life.

Let us take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane recalling how our teachers were our guardian angels back then

1. Guardian Angel

 Remember when your parents dropped you at the school’s gate and your playgroup teacher walked along, picked you in her arms, and took you to the class? Those sweet memories, when she wiped your tears when you were crying because your parents weren’t around and she became your guardian angel? Like a fairy in the dark who lights up the world around.

2. Like A Second Mum

We are sure that you can recall the earliest moments of being in the classroom and feel an association with your teacher like you feel with your mum. She just has that aura around herself which gives those motherly vibes, she guides, corrects you, praises you, and boosts your morale, wasn’t she just like your mum at the school, she certainly did play that role in your upbringing.

3. Personal Wikipedia

Remember when you were in school, your teacher would teach you about new concepts each day, about the sun, the stars, the moon, the animals, the numbers, the alphabets and, whatnot, and you wouldn’t just stop asking her tons of questions each day, such to why the sun follows you in the car, as to why the water is blue, as to why the animals make sounds and many other, we are certain and she answered all your questions diligently and gave you a perfect logic behind everything.

4. Your Lunch Time Partner

We are certain that every day at school, your mum packed you a delicious lunch and you’d walk up to your teacher and offered her a piece even before you had taken a bite yourself, isn’t that true? Some days when your lunch wasn’t that yummy or your favorite, you’d go to your teacher and many a time, she’d exchange her lunch with you. Those little moments of fun and joy sharing your lunch with the teacher and the classmates, those days were only in school, days of innocence, sweetness, and sensitivity.

This teacher’s day, thank a teacher that you can read, write, are compassionate, are honest, are hardworking, are confident, brave, and an ideal person. These are those values she taught in your early years of education. This teacher’s day pay your gratitude to the teacher who holds the most special place in your heart. 

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