Plastic Bottles: Think Before You Throw Away

02 Sep 2021
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We all have a lot of empty bottles in our homes that we can't throw away or utilise. But What if we can use them productively? We can actually make use of them. Yes, put your DIY skills to work and be creative. Make a variety of crafts using those bottles. Come, Let's take you to the blog and exciting and interesting ways to make use of bottles.#ThinkwithNiche.  


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Some Funny, DIY Ideas For Unused Bottles That You Can Easily Try At Your Home

You have guests coming to your house, so you'll need to buy snacks and sweets, as well as arrange a bottle of iced drinks. We are not in a habit of using glasses to drink water; instead, we make use of bottles. But what do you do with the bottles when they're no longer useful? Do you all discard them? Hey, don't do that; there are so many things you can do with these plastic bottles. Confused about how to make use of them, Don't Worry, I have come up with a list of productive stuff you can do with such plastic bottles instead of just discarding them. 

1. Pen And Pencil Case

Can you picture turning a bottle into a pencil case? Isn't it a fantastic idea? Children adore colourful boxes, but it is impossible to provide them with new ones on a regular basis. So, without further ado, give this creative hack a go. There's no need to sew or acquire new stuff to make it. Simply cut the plastic bottle, apply a zipper to the cut area, and decorate as desired. You may use it as a pencil case and store a variety of other objects in it, such as art and craft supplies, colours, and so on.

2. Water Sprinkler

We need a water sprinkler for a variety of reasons, including watering plants, washing art supplies, and so forth. We often seek for water sprinklers at the store, but why not make one yourself? Think it's already 90% done if you have an unused spare bottle in your house. Making a water sprinkler from a bottle is really simple. It's as simple as using a pin to make few holes in the bottle. Isn't it amazing?

3. Piggy Bank

A piggybank is something that every small child, as well as adults, requires. Who doesn't like to save money, and when friends and family come to visit, they always bring us presents and cash. So, to save that money, we'll need a real piggy bank, right? Simply cut the bottle to size, shape it as desired, and have fun making these adorable patterns that will also look wonderful on your shelves. And it doesn't have to be a pig; just be imaginative and build all sorts of little animals or anything!

4. Kitchen Container

Old, unused bottles and cans can also be useful kitchen storage containers. You may argue that we already do this; we keep spices in bottles in the kitchen. But I'm encouraging you to be inventive. Shape those bottles and cans like a piggy bank, chop them, and invent something new to give your kitchen a super-duper appearance with your super-creative imagination.

5. Newspaper And Magazine Holder

Isn't it a typical problem in every home that papers accumulate here and there? Make a fantastic paper holder out of the unused bottles. Simply cut the bottles from the centre, shape them if desired, wrap them in various sheets, and then put them in the wall using your imagination. Your paper holder is now complete. Gather all of the newspapers and magazines, roll them up, and store them in the bottle rack.

6. Hanging Garden

It's another simple and lovely innovative gardening concept. If you don't have a large garden in which to cultivate plants, try bottle gardening. Cut the bottles in half, shape them as needed, add colourful ropes, and hang the bottles from the ceiling or anywhere else that looks good. Fill the bottles with soil and seeds, then plant them to create your ideal garden.

7. DIY Bowl

We frequently require a little dish to feed our adorable pets or the meowing kitties who come to our doors. But we can't just strew food about since it's so filthy. So why don't you make them tiny bowls? What is there to be concerned about when we have so many unused bottles at home? To make the bottles appear more imaginative and ready, cut the bottoms off and wrap them in designer threads or plastic sheets. You may create some bowls for eating snacks in addition to the pet food dish. Isn't it incredible?

8. Pots And Vases

Making vases and pots using empty bottles is a really creative and practical DIY project. Take a proper-sized bottle, cut the top off, and add a unique decoration; you may even give them fantastic forms and colours. And you may use them to adorn your home, as a flower vase, pots, or even to grow saplings in them.

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