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15 Nov 2021
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Peanuts are the lovable snacks of winter. They are a great source of health also. They contain healthy fats, proteins, fiber and vitamins. They are a symbol of family gatherings. #ThinkWithNiche


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Peanuts are simply great in any form, be it the peeled and salty packs that you get in the market or peanut butter, but the best way to have them is by peeling yourself and having them. Trust me the crackling sound is just so wonderful to hear! My Grand -Ma loved me a lot! Whenever we had peanuts, she peeled them for me to help me enjoy them without any problem. But she forgot how much fun it was to peel and eat them. I've told her that a million times, but grandmothers are so cute! Anyway, it's fantastic to know that it's both healthy and delicious!

Healthy for the Heart
Yes, it's true! Peanuts are healthy for the heart. People recommend almonds and walnuts that they contain high quantities of unsaturated fats, but they ignore peanuts. According to research, Peanuts are also high in unsaturated fats. They lower cholesterol levels that prevent heart diseases. They also prevent the blood from clotting so it reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke. So why spend on the expensive walnuts and almonds? Buy the modest peanuts instead!

Weight Loss Good Loss!
Weight loss is indeed a good loss! According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, protein is very helpful in burning calories, and peanuts are rich in proteins. Studies also say that the people who eat peanuts daily will not gain weight. Peanuts are rich in protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats, which help in calorie control. Peanuts are good for hunger satisfaction, so people do not feel hungry, and you do not gain weight easily.

Good for Digestion!
Peanuts are rich in fiber, so they promote digestion. Eating peanuts every day will give you vitamins and minerals also. So you can benefit immensely from Peanuts. It should also be noted that you must only take a small number of peanuts. If you eat more than you can digest, anything, not only peanuts, can cause a stomachache!

Strengthens Family Ties!
Indeed, especially in our Indian homes, peanuts are a popular pastime. In the winter season, you have your uncle and aunties, grandmother and grandfather safely tucked in a comforter, sitting together on a winter's night gossiping away while munching the peanuts. They laugh, play games like playing cards, and have a joyful time together. And in doing this, you do not realize how time has passed. Plus, you also come close as a unit. Peanuts provide the warmth needed in the winters. I remember it when my uncle and aunt came over to live with us, we sat in the night to play cards, and since my uncle did not have teeth, he made peanut powder and ate it. We all enjoyed it very much. Those were the days!

Peanuts are the nuts for winters. They are a great snack s with friends. Almonds and walnuts are expensive, and you cannot have them every day while peanuts are available, even for a fiver. So peanuts are delightful. The mantra is to eat the properly baked ones to enjoy the perfect crunchy peanuts. In addition, also you must eat them without the red covering to avoid the risk of acquiring a cough. Go, get it and, buy a packet full of warm joy for your loved ones!


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