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31 Jul 2021
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Now it’s time to walk the time. Your business should also be as modern as you. Start Electronic business. Electronics are the Must item for everything, every other industries are totally dependable upon electronics. Let’s have a quick look and know how electronics are important in our daily life.#ThinkWithNiche.


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We are living in the age of electronics and computers are holding our lifestyle. Starting from manufacturing to the field of science, ‘Electronic’ has already grabbed the market. In 2015, the Indian Government initiated ‘Digital India’, this was like a ‘Golden’ opportunity for India to grow the digital market of India. And now, this Covid Pandemic is fanning the flame and pushing us more into the world of electronics. This is why the ‘Electronic Industry’ is gripping the market not only in India but around the whole world.

How Electronic Industry Saw A Rise In Different Fields

The Medical Field

Electronics left a huge impact on medical science. Today medical science, human wellness, and health are almost impossible without electronic devices. By using electronic devices and gadgets, doctors have found a smart way of treatment. Electronics help to monitor the problems more accurately and it becomes easier to diagnose the problem and find a cure. All medical tests are done using electronic devices, like- Oximeter, Blood Pressure Analyzer, Glucometer, Digital Thermometer, CT Scanner, and many more. For surgery, the doctors always have to depend on an electronic machine.  By using electronic gadgets, the death rate has decreased alarmingly as the electronic gadgets that are helpful to cure the diseases.

Field of Astronomy

Space science itself is an updated version of Technology. Electronics have boosted astronomy in many ways. We can say that without electronics, astronomy is almost blind. The electronic systems on a spacecraft include all types of control, helps in communication, tracking the system, etc. Electronic use is a must to know the earth’s position, control satellite navigation, launch orbital vehicles.


Technology and electronics also play a huge role in weather forecasting. For calculating barometric pressure, knowing current weather conditions, atmospheric factors electronic practice is a must. Electronics help to know accurate data and help us to be aware of coming disasters.


As previously said, the pandemic has brought everything online. Electronic learning and teaching have now become very popular methods of studying. And in this lockdown period, there is a lot of things available online to learn. Even before the lockdown and pandemic, schools have started using new technologies to teach the students. Teachers use different PowerPoint presentations for teaching. Students can access e-books from different platforms. Various vocational courses are now being taught online. People have started taking these classes from the comfort of their homes.


Media is the fourth pillar of Indian democracy. The media is here to keep us updated on everything that is going on in our country and all over the world. So, it is necessary for the media to walk ahead of time. Electronic usage helps media to be more advanced. We know print media is the traditional media but without electricity, it’s impossible to print out the newspaper. And television, radio is no doubt a gift of electronic science that keeps us updated with all sorts of news. Social media needs no explanation. Mobiles and computers are the only way to be social. Electronic use makes a media person multitasking. Audiovisual is another gift of electronic media. Audio recording, video recording, photography is the result of electronics.


Alongside media, entertainment is another fruit of electronics. Nowadays we are familiar with OTT platforms, where we can enjoy every type of series, movie, and all. Television is the number one device used for entertainment. We use mobiles, computers to play games, watch films, cartoons, animation design, listening to music. Radio is the oldest electronic device to entertain us with various programs.

Travel and Transportation

Electronic devices have a deep impact on global transportation. Different parts used in the means of transport are electronic which help in transportation. You are going to travel a long or a short way but don’t have time to go to the ticket counter. It’s not a big deal. E-booking is available. Just pick up your mobile and in a few clicks, your booking will be done. In airports or stations, the checking process has become easy with the use of electronics. The pilot can easily measure height or can easily get to know about the weather or situation in no time. Electronic has made it possible.


We are already aware of the word e-banking. Without any delay, without standing in a queue money transfer can be done easily sitting at your home. Electronic has a huge impression on finance. The banking system is totally dependent on electronics. Monitoring the finance market, monitoring cash flow everything is possible only via electronic usage. The ATM also is an electronic device. Surveilling with the help of a CC TV camera is nothing but an electronic use.


Electronics have a significant influence on defense. The term "electronic defense" refers to a variety of procedures that take place in an electromagnetic environment. Since the 1930s, military activities have used a radar system. Electronic radar is used in combat by armies and air forces. In civil applications, wireless communication technology is quite useful. Electronic drones, submarines, and remote surveillance are all examples of electro-optical, explosive devices, and electronic drones.


Telecommunication itself is a form of electronics. Mobile, computers, telephone and some other wireless communicators are there to help us in communicating. Distance is not a matter now. Whenever and wherever you want, you can connect yourself and talk to each other. Electronic devices make it possible.

These are not the end, there are many other electronic applications. Electronics drop a huge impact in every industry. The agricultural industry, manufacturing, Construction, Mining, etc. every industry are fully dependent upon the electronic industry. It is the industry that keeps the world moving.

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