It’s High Time We All Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle. Here Are 6 Easy Tips To Help You

07 Sep 2021
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Living sustainably is one of the best ways to ensure you are playing your part in preserving our environment and planet for future generations. There's a lot of false information about sustainable lifestyle and we are here to break that glass ceiling. Learn about a sustainable lifestyle and 6 tips to adopt that lifestyle. #ThinkWithNiche


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For many, the recent UN report on the rapid increase in Earth's temperature and the rising sea level came as a bolt out of the blue. It made people rethink the way they had been living their life, giving no damn about the environment. Thankfully after that many have come up with the idea of living sustainably in order to protect our planet and environment for future generations.

Sustainable Lifestyle

From the food we eat to our means of transportation to the way we dispose off our garbage, everything has a deep impact on our planet. A sustainable lifestyle is about reducing our carbon footprint to the minimum and reusing/recycling many of the resources at hand. A sustainable lifestyle is about many small changes that a person makes to their life that lessens their environmental impact. Many people start to play with the idea of living sustainably but leave it in the middle, fearing that it requires simply too much work. But that's a completely false narrative. As I said, a sustainable lifestyle is about all the small, little things we do that affect the planet. Let's learn about 6 simple, small tips that will help you live sustainably if you love your planet.

Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle: The Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

1. Save Energy At Home

Most of the electronic devices we use on a daily basis releases huge carbon emissions into the air. To reduce that and save energy, you can simply try to use fewer electronic devices at once. Switch off lights you don't need or switch off standby appliances such as computers, microwaves, etc. You can also try switching off your air conditioner once your room is cool.

2. Try And Use Less Plastic

Boycotting plastic is near impossible, but you can always try and reduce your plastic consumption. Use bags made of cloth for shopping, don't buy plastic water bottles, etc.

3. Eat Less Meat

Non-vegetarian food leaves a much larger carbon footprint as compared to vegetarian food. We are not calling for a meat boycott but you can always try and reduce your meat consumption. You can keep a record of how many times you ate meat during one week and then try to reduce it if it's a bit too much. Remember sustainability is all about baby steps.

4. Use Less Paper

Going paperless is again a near-impossible task, especially if you are a working person. But, as with everything else, you can try and reduce your paper consumption. Do not print unnecessarily, avoid wastage of paper, etc.

5. Use Eco-friendly Products If You Can Afford Them

We understand that eco-friendly products are expensive and not everyone can afford to have them. But if you are someone who is financially well-off, buying eco-friendly products is a great way to live sustainably. Plastic products are mostly single-use products such as plastic water bottles, which is why they often end up in a landfill. Try buying eco-friendly products that you can use for a longer duration.

6. Donate Unused Items

This is mostly true for unused items of clothing since clothes are one of the largest causes of water pollution, among other things. So try donating items you don't need to charity where people can make good use of them.

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