How To Not Let Negative Things Affect You

31 Jul 2021
7 min read

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Walk, run, take a flight to a new city, read a new book, watch a comedy flick, make new pals and just breathe.#ThinkWithNiche


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It's a law of reaction, when things fall off a brick it is quite evident that you probably exaggerate and over-dramatize the entire page. The globe that surrounds you nurtures mind, body, and soul in a positive and a negative way but it is left in your hands, how much to let into yourself and what effects it may endure. Life is too precious to sit and whine about what other individuals think and feel about you, just let the bad moments pass. Remember, you are here for a reason so try to make the most of it.

 Once you find your true self and the meaning behind the existence, you will have no sense of numbness at all. Self-indulgence and self-assurance are mandatory for survival. There will be rough roads experienced in life but what matters is that none must affect you in negative energy.

 Negative energy will not only mold you into a bitter person but will suck out all the jolliness from your soul.

 Here are few rules that could aid you into anti - *Negative* affecting rules!

 Rule 1 - Be patient -  if things act a bit trashy be patient for it to flow away to the sky!

 Rule 2 - Surround yourself with positive energy - It's mandatory to fill your space with a positive gang!

 Rule 3 - Breath a diamond - yes, you heard me right! Take deep breaths as that is the only possible way to eliminate any negative energy that is still left inside your soul!

 Rule 4 - Flow your mind with some good thoughts - Good thoughts generate good energy so yeah that's the rule that must be noted in everyday routine.

 Rule 5 - read inspirational phrases - stalk as many positive pages as you can to change your dull mind.

 So, folks, life is too short to care about anything that runs against your policy. Walk, run, take a flight to a new city, read a new book, watch a comedy flick, make new pals and just breathe.

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