How Sustainability Could Be Applied?

31 Jul 2021
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sustainable development is nothing but merely a type of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This sums it up for the most part, but as expected, there are many initiatives that must be implemented to back up this crucial global objective. If you’ve ever wondered what sustainable development really means, or why it is so important to live on our planet.#ThinkWithNiche.


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In this fast-moving world, people have slowly become so dependent on 5G and AI. People are so engrossed in instant gratification and are taken in by the glossy world and the constant validation from people that the art has taken backstage. This is a fact that is so true in our country now. We are a rich culture with different forms of arts and art forms originating from different parts of the country. But these different forms are dying a slow death in these mechanized times. Where everyone is trying to overachieve or overpower the other with the constant glimpse of the competition. 

Therefore, traveling to different parts of the country seeking out these artisans and setting up centers where they can continue producing or creating their handicrafts and art forms is a dream I cherish. This is a sustainable goal because it will not only help generate jobs for these artisans but will bring them together under one umbrella. Every six months a meeting of all these artisans could be set up from the east, west, north, and south sectors. They could exchange a platter of ideas. 

This will further enrich the ideas of these people. Through this venture, the ancient heritage of our country will be revived. The future generation of India will take pride in using these handmade goods. Imbibing that sense of oneness and togetherness in today, and the forthcoming generations will serve as a great help in keeping our culture and belief system intact. 

People are losing out on a lot of real values and the absolute transparency we have towards keeping the environment safe and ongoing. 

Being a proud Indian, I would like to expand my footprints on foreign soil by taking these goods abroad. Of Course, an advertising team will have to be appointed who will undertake to make the project popular. As people are really busy in managing time and their work, making them realize the importance of sustainability in such a vast field is mandatory. It all begins from that one thought and that one change of mindset that we as citizens neglect. 

Therefore in the long run this venture will revive the arts and generate jobs and make everyone happy and at peace. It will also contribute to the enrichment of all, physically, mentally, and economically. 

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