Hate Leads To A Path Of Destruction

15 Oct 2021
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Are you also among those who hate themselves or others? It is not easy to cope up with such downfalls that you go through because of hate. This blog will take you to the problems that you face if you keep hatred in your heart, how will it take you to the path of destruction #ThinkWithNiche


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Loving yourself is not easy, it comes packed with numerous pros and cons. We sometimes tend to hate ourselves because of the situations we get soaked into. Hating is a negative thing. It's not a feeling, rather it is forced upon us by the devil’s temptations. The word 'hate' only brings the worst things. It tends to make us forget the corners of humanity. Hate was created by mankind, not God. Hate only leads to vile acts.

Why Do You Need To Stop Hating?

When you start to hate yourself, you tend to hate everyone around you, even the ones you love. When you hate yourself, you also hate the people you love the most in life which often leads to unwanted spats between loved ones. Hate is not something you should do in order to keep your life going. Hate is something that only cowards do.    

Hate Leads To The Downfall

Hating something or hating someone will only bring downfall and destroy you in split seconds. The narrative 'What goes around comes back around' never dies, it keeps on going and proves again and again.

Hate Can Lead To Addiction

Since hate possesses more power than love, it can be highly addictive. Hate is like a worm's slithering in the soil, it doesn't need air, water and other worms around it. Worms tend to coil around themselves beneath the soil without anyone's support, that's how hate slithers through human beings. It is highly addictive and is indicative of only the harmful things planted in the world. If you hate, you tend to diminish human feelings by indulging in activities like addiction to unnatural substances, smoking, alcohol addiction and various other impure acts.

Hate Destroys Lives, Friendships, Relationships

When hate becomes important to feel it dominate our feelings, live, breathe and manage relationships, it tends to become the face of destruction. When you have a great relationship dwindling down into the tunnel of hate, it only states that your relationship won't last long. And as a matter of fact, friendship is easy to break, distance from friends as a basis of any spat involved between two close people. In fact, hate is such a small word, but the acts done through hate are the bigger ones.  

Hate Hinders Growth

Growth is a very crucial element in the lives of human beings, and if you start your journey into the world of hate, automatically your growth is hindered. Though, there are various reasons for it. One reason at the top is hate. Hate comes in all and many forms. Violence is one form of hate, whereas slandering someone, defaming, abusing in terms of verbal or physical, screaming, dominating others and other rules of tyranny taking the surface are all forms of hate. When you hate, you have no scope for any growth, optimistically. You grow only in negative ways.  

Hate Is A Strong Negative Force

Most people are unaware of how much hate can harm them. It is an extreme and strong negative force that staves people off from being kinder to their counterparts (talking in terms of professional rivalry, envious eyes, insecurities, etc) Since hate is a negative force, you tend to also gravitate and attract negativity within you. Remember, you are a plant who needs constant care, watering your thoughts every day with positivism, as human beings we need it the most in our lives and in this malign world. Hate will destroy, while goodness will see victory in the end.

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