Habits To Maximise Your Time

10 Sep 2021
8 min read

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Both of us, in fact, everyone is provided with one equal thing for the whole of life, the 86400 seconds or 24 hours daily. How we utilize these equal time chunks creates a difference among us. Laying on your couch eating nachos and watching Netflix, eats up your time leaving you stagnant and hustling at the same time makes you sit at a very high position in your life, a position not only serves you with greater goods but also gives a sense of satisfaction after giving in all those hours filled with sweat.#ThinkwithNiche


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Let’s debunk some lame old tips and talk about some which fit in the present life scenarios.

1. Persistent laziness

In the 19th century, Josephine found washing every utensil a tedious task. She was so lazy that she wanted something to do about it, to make it as simple and easy as possible to satisfy her laziness. This lazy attitude led her to invent what you may have at home that even eases your daily routine, the dishwasher. We learn from this example that sometimes being lazy can get your mind to find escapes, and these escapes sometimes give birth to innovation and inventions. But this doesn’t give each of us a reason to stay lazy all the time. Using laziness for the greater good is the key.

2. To do lists suck

A delay or non-completion of a task listed on your to-do list not only demotivates us but also gives a sense of failure. This constant feeling of failure leads to doubting your own capabilities, which further makes you give up on the remaining tasks, leaving you unproductive and sometimes making you hit your lows. Hence, a disarranged work process can give you the freedom of doing tasks when it pleases you and a sense of upliftment on the completion of every task, which further makes you more productive. But here’s a catch, delaying work is not part of this process; replacing the work is. If you are not in the mood to do a certain task, replace it with any other task, finish it, and then complete the mid-way left task later. But do complete it. Being an entrepreneur, every day in itself is a to-do list, so keep a note of completing work daily by the end of the day, be it in a disarranged order. What matters is the completion of the task with a highly focused mind. This irregular knocking-off of tasks will surely give you consistent results.

3. Are you investing in it right

Here, I am conversing about time, which comes equal to all of us; it’s just time usage that creates a difference. As keen and awake you are while putting in your money in mutual funds, or stocks, be that awake while using time too, even more awake. There’s a popular saying that goes, “Time is money.” Now, if time is as precious as money, which we know is way more precious, we must monitor it with even higher focus. A hangout with a friend will not serve your purpose of being productive, of course, relationships matter, but while being in a struggling phase, what must matter to you most is getting out of it, which can be only done through one thing,i.e., taking action. So, like money, always think of the return on investment you are getting when spending your time, Is it worth risking? What else can I utilize it for? How can I make its usage in a better way? And on and on, because you are investing something very important and of high value to you.

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