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15 Jan 2022
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We all know how important it is for a business to show its presence online. Many businesses fail when they ignore this valuable point. Being available online is a way to know about your customers globally. Web hosting is the service that helps businesses online by hosting their sites on the server. Now you must think about putting money in these web hosting services, or is there any way to get it free. This article is all about free web hosting to help to get started. #ThinkWithNiche


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What is web hosting?

How do I start my business online?

How can I get my website hosted?

How to start a business online?

These are some of the basic questions budding entrepreneurs ask themselves while setting up the business. The answer to these questions is straightforward but needs a bit of explanation. What we are talking about is an internet term called web hosting. We are here to help you decide what type of web hosting would be suitable for you. We are going to tell you about free web hosting and why an entrepreneur should start with a free one rather than pay for it. So, without any further ado, Let’s host a good article for your reading appetite!

What is Web Hosting? Use it to Start Your Business Online!

It is a service that helps you in hosting your website online for your clients. Hosting means providing some facilities to website creators that are required by them to maintain their site online and making it available and accessible on WWW (World Wide Web). Some companies do this kind of work and host websites for other businesses, and we call them web hosts. Now that you know what web hosting is, let me tell you some points to remember about the requirements in web hosting:

  • You will require one or more servers that will act as a host. These servers may be both virtual and physical.
  • Have a location for servers that has electricity and good internet connectivity.
  • Have a Domain Name System configuration that can define names for the websites and point these sites to the hosting servers.
  • Have a web server that runs on the host.

Which One is Better – Paid or Free Web Hosting?

You want to host your website, but you are confused about what to do. Should you go for a paid membership for web hosting, or should you get it for free? Well, free items always attract us, and we are talking about it all the way. Every business wants to show its presence online so that it can reel in some permanent customers. To get all this done, the business needs a website, and to stay active online, it needs to have a web hosting service that it can rely on.

So, which service is reliable? Does paid web hosting mean better services?

No, that is not necessarily true.

Both free and paid web hosting offer somewhat the same level of security. The network bandwidth is also exactly similar. Both services offer the same port speed. All these points will make you lean towards free web hosting. Paid has its upper hand. It has some additional features like data transfer, additional disk storage, scripting support, to name a few.

If you have a new website for your business, the facilities like data transfer and disk storage from free web hosting services will be enough for you. You will not need to have a paid service for that. As you might know, many big companies have multiple email accounts, and all are managed separately by paid web hosting services. Just like these big companies, many small businesses go for free web hosting. These businesses don’t need more accounts (5 is enough). Free web hosting services help them by making an illusion of multiple emails which are managed on a single account. Isn’t that wonderful!

Now, if you have plans to use some advanced applications that require scripting support, you will need a paid service. If not, then a free one will do the job.

Some Free Web Hosting Services for You

Free doesn’t always mean it’s inferior in quality or functionality. Some can be of real use to small businesses. I am going to list some of the free services for you to try out to start your business online!

  1. InfinityFree
  2. Wix
  3. 000WebHost
  4. AwardSpace
  5. Google Cloud Hosting
  6. FreeHostia
  7. ByetHost
  8. FreeHosting
  9. FreeWebHostingArea
  10. HyperPHP

These are some of the best available free web hosting services that you can try out and decide which one suits your business.


Money is a very important asset when you start a business. Don’t make the mistake of investing all of your money in uplifting your first business. Act smart and go for free web hosting services. It will help your business grow, and in later stages, you can get a paid version. I hope this article has been useful for you in your business journey. If you've been thinking to start your business online, now is the time to take action.

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