4 Instagram Stories Design Hacks For Outstanding Visuals

31 Jul 2021
6 min read

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There are various ways to create a proper visual but what stands out is your creativity. Here we present a few exciting hacks that would entice your followers to come back for more of what you provide or educate through your visuals or graphics.#ThinkWithNiche.


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The engrossing audience is not a big task when it comes to designing Instagram stories. Instagram is not the only platform where engagement with the audience takes place. It is important for your content to stand out to get the attention of viewers.

You can use the following features to make your Instagram stories look more appealing and grab the attention of the viewers.

Font And Colors Related To Your Brand

Your brand needs a signature style that differentiates you from the others. It is very important to keep the color code that suits your profile or is attached to it. The logo and fonts go hand in hand. It keeps the viewers reminded of what you have to offer to them. The font and Color should represent your brand in a way that when they go through your stories they immediately recognize the brand.


Instagram also provides a smart and stylish feature known as Boomerang. It is found in the camera section of Instagram. It is a video clip of 4 seconds that goes back and forth and keeps the viewers captivated. It is fun as well as useful compared to the still pictures.

Story Boarding

For a swift promotion of the blogs or content, one of the best ways is through the stories. The process that a story wants to convey is emotions and proper storyboarding reaches the audience without even having a creme content. It is essential to understand what story you want to convey through your story. For promoting a blog, you are advised to mention the key points on your stories that encourage the viewers to know more about them. Planning should be accordingly that makes the story a wholesome visual for both the potential customers and the customers who are already present.

Elements With The Help Of Symbols

There are different fonts that can be added to the story: Modern, Typewriter, Classic, Neon, and Strong. Five different fonts carry five unique styles that can be presented according to the emotion of the content. For example: In the modern font, the asterisks can be used to create a visual of stars or snowflakes falling as per what the picture demands.

Every visual has something to speak. it depends on how they relate to the audience who follows you. Stories hold a huge part when it comes to engaging with the audience. The properties of quizzes and polls help in understanding customers' opinions. It also helps in keeping the thought for the business organized and planned. Create your vision for a unique kickstart when it comes to your dream business.

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