Ford Mustang Mach E - Hit or Miss?

13 Dec 2021
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Lay low, and roar in a Mustang. Name’s enough to tell you what you’re going to read about in this article. With the technology change, let’s see what changed into this legendary car. #ThinkwithNiche


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John wick didn’t kill people for his dog only, He killed them because they stole his Mustang! You never steal a Mustang, especially if it’s owned by John Wick! Let’s talk about a Mustang and why the newly electrified mustang will succeed its predecessors, or why it won’t? Read on to find out.

When every car manufacturer is moving towards electrifying their car, why should anyone stick to using fossil fuels? After Tesla, Waymo, Tata, Lucid Motors, and other car companies enters the competition is Ford Motor Company. Ford is all set to launch its legendary car, electrified and ready to take the streets. Ford Mustang is all set to launch in 2022 as Ford Mustang Mach E, completely electrified with the same road presence since its global launch back in 1964. It was announced in 2019 but launched in 2020 as a 2021 model. Let’s see what Ford has planned for 2022. If you are a car enthusiast, then mustang is the name you must've heard since your childhood days, and I'm pretty sure you would love to know about the new entry in the mustang family to carry on the name.

Mustang's Legendary Design

Do you know who made the design for the mustang we know? John Najjar, an American car designer made this legendary concept car named Mustang I concept, which was inspired by, The North America P-51 Mustang fighter plane. Along with Lee Iacocca, he made the mustang design we know and adore. John Najjar was originally a mechanist in the Ford Company but soon was invited to the newly formed design team after Henry Ford asked him if he loved his work. To which he responded, "I'd rather draw cars."

What’s new in Mach E 2022?

Soon mustang will enter its second model year with some new specs added to all the upcoming MME (Mustang Mach E). They will now have slightly improved batteries to increase the real-world range. The MME model California 1 now will come with an all-wheel drive. It will also come with a heated steering wheel, and the front seats will be heated as well. Another MME model, GT, will now be available in the standard black painted roof. Just like Ford’s pony car, all Mach E will be available in all white (special edition) and will be called as go figure – The White Ice Edition. Mach E is supposed to come with 18–19-inch tires to enhance comfort and handling. Other than GT, every other MME car will have the bright grabber blue color and cyber orange paint color.

Price estimation of MME and which one to prefer.

The price estimation mentioned here will help you clear your head for the model you choose to buy.

·      Select Model – $43,995

·      Premium Model – $49,200

·      California Route 1 – $51,875

·      GT – $61,095

·      GT Performance Edition – $66,095

With the best interest, we suggest you go for the Premium model, which is the best of both worlds. It covers a range of about 305 miles on a single charge when paired with an extended battery and a rear-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive might bring down the battery capacity to about 270 miles. The premium model has a rapid charging capability, inbuilt Band & Olufsen sound system, 19-inch wheelbase, a powerful liftgate, and a panoramic sunroof.

Let’s talk about the Engine, Performance, and Transmission of MME

The 2022 model of MME has a battery pack of 70.0 kWh to 91.0kWh (Normal and extended battery pack, respectively). These batteries feed the electric motors, mounted on rear axles or both. Electric motors with batteries on both axles make up the all-wheel-drive and are present on GT and GT Performance, which generated 634 pound-feet of torque and 480 horsepower. Ford claims this combination will make the Performance model attain the speed of 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The models lower than this produces less power. The wheelbase varies between 18 to 20 inches. With electric mustangs, you’ll miss the sound of the original mustang, but these electrical beasts are pretty impressive.

How good is the interior, cargo, and comfort of MME?

The battery of Mach E is beneath the floor of the car, making it quite spacious, allowing maximum cargo and passenger space. The interior of the MME resembles a bit of the interior of the original mustang. The dashboard is pretty streamlined which has a digital gauge cluster. It is, dominated by a large vertical touchscreen (much like a Tesla). Interior is laden with slick features like:

1. Customizable interior ambient lighting.

2. Heated steering wheel and heated front seats.

3. Wireless charging is also supported, which is very useful nowadays.

4. A panoramic sunroof is impressive to look through.

The front trunk part has very durable plastic, which can be used to store the items.

The Ford Mustang Mach E is one tough competitor to all the electric vehicles out there. It is sure to catch your attention in the streets and will rule streets as its predecessors did. Ford must be proud of themselves for creating the beast of the streets. Now it depends on the car enthusiasts to love this new-gen mustang or not. It may lack the sound of a roaring mustang, but incorporates the features from the future. Embracing the new with the feel of the old, that’s what real car lovers do.

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