Extroverts Vs Introverts: Which Is Better To The Success

06 Sep 2021
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you may be an introverted person or extroverted, do you think any of these characters can diverse you from success. Let’s read this article and know, which is better? #ThinkWithNiche  


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Are you an introverted or extroverted person? In current society, there is a belief that being extroverted is important for success. But do you think a common belief is all about your success? Many people are introverted, but are they not successful? This belief is absolutely wrong. Everything has the advantage as well as disadvantage. You may be an introverted or extroverted person, your focus your ambition, and thirst for success are necessary to be a successful person. Swami Vivekananda has said “Arise, Awake and stop not until you reach the goal”, also, we know that “Slow but steady wins the race”. These all are saying to stick to your goal and fight, no one ever said that only introverts or only extroverts can be successful. So, don’t worry.

Let’s Just See All Pros And Cons Of Introverts And Extroverts

1. Character: Self- Confidence Vs Shy

There is a character difference between introverted and extroverted people. Extroverted persons are more confident than introverts, it is a positive sign to become successful. Introverted persons are very shy and often afraid to meet a new face. They are kind of shy and when they meet someone more shining than them, they become confused and lose track. It can be a barrier for the introverted person and self-confidence can be an advantage for extroverts.

2. SWOT: Observing Vs Rushing

Now, here comes another point. Introverts are calm and are very observant. This is really a great strength and opportunity for introverts. They think before they do something, observe others carefully, perceive and wait for the results and then start working. Their patience can be an advantage for success. But extroverts, are a little more rushing in nature, their patience power is not good enough, their hurry can be the weakness and threat to their success.

3. Communication: Speaking Vs Listening

Communication power paints a very visible difference between introverts and extroverts. Introverts have very poor communication skills. They can't quickly think and express their feelings in words. But extroverts are very fast and fluent in speaking. It may be in public or with a friend circle they are a very good speaker. They can easily influence and encourage others. But do you think introverts lack success at this point, no, not at all? If everyone becomes a good speaker, there can be chaos, no one will be there to listen to them. Good listeners are also necessary and introverts are very good listeners. So, everything is balanced, no worry.

4. Opportunities: Leader Vs Follower

As extroverts are very confident and have good communication skills, they have a strong power to encourage and control people. It is a very good sign for a leadership role. Extroverts can be good leaders. Their expressive attitude is very supportive to become a successful leader. But again, what if everyone becomes the leader, then who will listen to whom? That’s why followers are also necessary. Through great observation power and being a good listener, introverts can be the perfect followers. They can obey the leader.

5. Work: Team Work Vs Self Work

As extroverts are very social people so they can easily befriend others and can easily work in a team. And we all know unity is the strength. So, teamwork is very helpful to be successful. Introverts are shy and face a few problems to be engaged with others. They prefer working alone rather than working in a team. But it also has a good side. Working alone can give you many experiences, as you have to do all the work alone, so, it is a great opportunity to be independent and to learn more and more. being independent is also a very good option to become successful.

6. Interaction: Being Social Vs Limited Friends

As extroverts are very exposing, they can easily make friends with others, they are more social than introverts. This helps them to be popular among others and it is very important to become successful. But it has a negative side, if you have more friends on social networks, there is also a huge chance to make fake friends and fraud connections. Introverts are very lesser-known and limited friend circles. They don’t have much connection which can bring lesser opportunities for them but, as they are very choosy, the chances to make false friends are also low. So, everyone has pros and cons.  

7. Talent: Imaginative Vs Applied

Introverted people are very calm so they got more chances to think, and this is a great opportunity for them to become innovative and creative. Creative thinking needs time and patience and an introverted character is a perfect match for such an opportunity. Creativity also leads to critical thinking which helps in many problems solving. The extroverted person is very social and has lots of connections which help them to gather the information that is applied. They can collect applied data and can easily solve a problem. As they can easily collect readymade data from others, they don’t think much, and that’s why introverts are more creative than extroverts. Creativity and applied theory both are important for success in different ways.

8. Nature: Distraction Vs Calming

It is already said that introverts are very calm and they have a very strong thinking power. This always is a good opportunity. Calm nature can make your patience, and patience is always an important factor for success. In the meantime, extroverts are a little hurried and this rush can make them distract from their original goal.

So, to conclude there is nothing to worry about if you are an introverted person, both introverts and extroverts have pros and cons and both can make their own way to reach their goal and become successful.

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