Explore Prague Castle For Your Business Trip or Short Sabbatical to Rejuvenate Your Senses

06 Nov 2021
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Rejuvenate your senses by taking a short sabbatical in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Prague and explore the beauty of this exotic hotel. #ThinkWithNiche


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Prague is one of the most exotic cities in the world! Beautiful and luxurious hotels are a typical element of this city. One might get confused on what accommodations to strike, but the perfect option you may get is to check in to The Golden Wheel, which is in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. The exquisite architecture of this hotel was built around the 15th century. If you want to gaze at the most alluring site set across 2 km is the pretty Prague Castle, falling from the old town square. The hotel is well equipped with modern elements that are to fall in love with. Just imagine having a garden in the hotel you check into? That’s best suited for leisure time any traveler could have. Prague has the best 4-star boutique hotels in the world, so this could be the choice you can make.

Types Of Accommodations
1. Standard Room-
The standard room can come quite handy for the new bees in the town and those who are not accustomed to experimenting a lot. It is located in the main area and courtyard of the building. Spacious beds, larger-than-life chairs, and desks for confidential activities are placed in this room. Apart from quality service, the room is booked with a private standard shower, hairdryer, makeup mirror, floor heating, and lots more to satisfy a traveler’s basic needs. The standard room summarizes a standard view of the courtyard. There’s lots more in the box! The room is well equipped with a cute minibar, in case you want to grab a drink, a satellite television, WiFi – the heart of the room and when it is surrounded with wireless connection. From coffee, tea, and a large safety box for your valuables. The size of the room is rounded to 19MQ – 32 MQ.

2. Premium Rooms- It has almost the same elements as the standard room. However, what sets premium rooms apart from the rest of the rooms will leave you to feel alluring. The room possesses few historical details attached to the room, from breathtaking vaulted ceilings and stone doorframes to the sunning painting ceiling beams and stuccoed baroque ceilings. The size of the room is rounded to 22MQ – 35 MQ.

3. Junior Suite- Junior suite can work wonders for the partyholics! It is located at the backside of the building. The villa's environment is peaceful and great to throw a party with close-knit colleagues since it carries a beautiful private terrace, accompanying it with stunning partial views of the castle. The room has a double sofa to sit back, relax, and enjoy. The element which is not present in the above rooms but is present in the junior suite is the private illuminated bathroom with a bidet. The television size is great and larger than life (42 inches), the room is also accompanied by coffee makers for all the caffeine addicts. Not only this, a private illuminated wardrobe for all the wardrobe lovers is the element that will give the stayers a real Barbie feeling. If you dislike walking up the stairs too much, then the junior suite is accompanied by a lift for the floor, and the rest of the floors are accompanied by stairs. The size of the room is rounded to almost 35 MQ.

4. Suite Room- The suite could come at the apex of all the rooms and could be a dream come true. It is located near the main building. Since luxury comes in the perfect package, the room is bound to give all peaceful vibes and is located on the last floor. The suite is divided into two levels. One is the ground accompanied by a living area sofa. Elements that set it apart from the other rooms are the king-sized bathroom with a bathtub and a bidet. The upper level comes with a double bed, accompanied by a mini bathroom. This suite has the cutest decor and carries small rounded windows and Velux on the ground level that sets it apart. All good things in the suite, the stunning view from the suite of the Petrine Park’s and the Prague castles. Also, the room has 2 TVs. This room is accessible by lift. The suite is divided into two levels by stairs. Size: 45 MQ.

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