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28 Dec 2021
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Urban foraging is a fast-growing trend. Not only in poorer countries, but urban foraging has a high demand in foreign countries also. It is an amazing way to Go Green and Stay Healthy. #ThinkWithNiche


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Urban foraging is collecting wildflowers, fruits, nuts, and mushrooms which can be seen all around our city. While walking down the street or roaming around in our neighborhood, we can see beautiful flowers, juicy colorful fruits hanging from the tree. We stop for a while and click pictures to post them on social media, but have we ever thought of collecting those colorful, delicious, juicy fruits or nuts for business purposes or personal gardening purposes.

Now take a look all at urban foraging. How to do it and what to do, to make proper use of those wild faunas, and to start urban foraging? At first, you have to know the whereabouts and the process involved in it.

Keep an Eagle’s Eye

It is very important to know from where to start foraging. There are a lot of wildflowers, fruits just around us. We must have an eye for finding them. Be alert while going to the office or market or for a walk in the morning or evening. We can find those wild lives. But always have to be careful about that location. The fruits and veggies we get from the supermarket are already full of chemicals, so don’t try foraging from a polluted area. Polluted fruits are similarly dangerous. That’s is why take an eagle’s eye to know every detail of that area. Make a map and start your foraging. Try to learn more about these flowers and fruits so that when you spot one, you are immediately able to identify it.

Proper Knowledge of Nature

Urban foraging is to collect wild fruits and nuts but edible. Having a toxic fruit or flower in your garden would not be beneficial for you at all. When you go foraging, you need to carefully look for the fruits, and if you are just picking out anything randomly, it would be like digging your own grave. For proper knowledge, do thorough research. Know everything about flora and fauna. Find out every detail of every wildlife, their uses, color, shape, taste, everything. Don’t fool yourself with a poisonous plant. There are also many edible and useful roots and barks. With proper knowledge, you can select the right fruit and flower for yourself.

Procedures and Applications

Now it’s time to know what is the procedure, how to do foraging. Just doing research and going foraging without preparation will be a useless act. Before starting your journey, gather all the necessary items and knowledge that can be helpful to you. You will need a knife and a spear to cut and dig. The knife will be useful for cutting barks, fruits, etc., and the spear will help you collect roots. Get a basket or a bag ready for collecting and keeping the fruits or flowers. Don’t forget to bring gloves and a sun-protective hat. The hot sun may make you tired and stop you from this mini-adventure. Also, take some drinks and something to keep yourself energized throughout the process.

Use all of Your Six Senses

In the place where those wild floras are born, there is the highest chance for any animal or insect to live in. Stay alert while looking for the flowers and picking them. It is important to stay cautious not only for you but for the wildlife as well. While picking the flowers and fruits from the plant, be careful not to harm them and the surrounding plants as well. Wild animals may not be comfortable with having a strange individual in their space. So, try to stay alert about your surroundings and with your steps as well.

Rules to Follow

There are always limits to everything, and it includes this as well. The forests may also have their limits, where some of their parts can be private property as well. You need to be careful about not invading someone's private property without their permission. It is important to have the consent of the owner about entering and taking things from their space. Once you get the permission to do so, take what you need and try not to do any damage to the plants. Make sure to know local laws of trespassing or protecting wild green as well. 

Let’s have a look at how can foraging help you

Be a Local Guide

Wild fruits and flowers exist everywhere, even in our localities. We just have to keep a good eye on them. As you have done with your search throughout your locality and neighborhood, you are now an expert guide. Be a guide and help the researchers or the students to find wild floras and give them proper knowledge and description. It will be a great idea to earn money with zero investment.

Wild flora and fauna are very much useful in research work. Medical students research about those lives as some of them are useful for medical purposes. Environment students always have to research those floras and faunas.

Grow Your Own Garden

There are a lot of varieties in wild floras. With the availability of different types of nuts, berries, mushrooms, and fruits. Different types of berries, nuts, mushrooms, fruits. A variety of pomegranates and even a variety of flowers are there. You can also find various types of chilies and spices. Find them and bring them to your garden. Make your garden colorful and flourish with those wild plants. Add a different taste to your diet, and you also can be free from buying additional fruits, spices, and flowers from the market and save your money.

Start Delivering

Why should you enjoy the taste alone? Share the feelings with others. Everyone wants to taste something different. You can start the delivery business of your colorful fruits and nuts. Mushroom has a craze in the food market. You can earn a lot with your forage fruits. If you have good medical knowledge. Try to deliver those wild medicinal plants for others' help and help them to cure naturally. There are a lot of forage plants which has a super medical power.

Urban foraging is very trendy nowadays. Everyone is tired of those regular fruits and vegetables, full of chemicals. Let explore this and grow together.

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