Don’t Lit Up; Be Weird Up

09 Aug 2021
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Do you use candles to lit up the room or for puja purposes? Then try using it in some weird ways. You will get to do something funny but creative. Here are some strange ideas to use a candle.#ThinkWithNiche


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Without Lighting Up a Candle, Use It in The Funny Ways

Who hasn't heard about the usage of candles? The most popular use are for puja or during a power outage. After you've used the candle, you'll find the remainder at the bottom. People usually simply toss it out. But did you know that candles may be utilised in a variety of ways? It's strange but amusing. Let's give it a shot with just the two of us.

Here are several unusual use for old or abandoned candles.

1. Lubricant

Candles may be an excellent lubricant. This technique is extremely widespread, and virtually everyone is aware of it. Oh, your bag zipper is difficult to unzip? Don't worry, simply rub a candle in the zipper and you'll see what happens. Again, lockers candle is an alternative for squeaky doors and tight, sticky drawers. To give it a smooth surface, put candles in pins and screws.

2. Fire Starter

Did you know that old candles may be used to ignite a fire? Simply take an empty egg cardboard box, some fur from the dryer, and a few candle ends. Melt the candle wax and then place the fur in the egg board. When the candles solidify, you're ready to start a fire. Don't be concerned if you don't have a lot of firewood when you go camping. It is sufficient to make a candle with of leftover candles.

3. Don’t Cry

Do you weep when you chop onion salads? Now that the moment is passed, preserve your tears. Simply place a candle near you before cutting onions, and the flame will absorb part of the odour. Try to witness the enchantment of candles for yourself.

4. New Candles

When you're lighting crackers during Diwali, when it's finished, it's over. The party has come to an end. You can't burn a burnt cracker again since crackers don't have the same magical properties as candles. Yes, you may use a smouldering candle once again. Simply gather the leftovers, remelt them, shape them, and add the candle wick, and it is ready to light again. You may also add your favourite perfume to produce a scented candle to keep your room smelling nice.

5. Stick It

Candles can also work as glue. When you are going to send emails or letters or a greetings card to your friends, you have to stick the envelope with glue. But why don’t you use something creative? Use candles to stick the envelope. Use melted candle over the envelope and wait until it becomes solid and it’s done.

6. Waterproof

Again, when you are sending someone a letter or card, you are writing it on paper, but what happens if it becomes wet, don’t worry nothing will happen, a candle will save you. Rub candles in the paper card and make it waterproof. Candle coating is a really good way to make paper waterproof.

7. Decor Your Room

Do, you want some new showpieces to decorate your shelves. Don’t buy, be creative. You have leftover candles, then collect them, melt them and give them a shape. Let’s wait until it dries up.

8. Secret Messages

Do you have any insider information? Yes, candles may be used to help you create secret messages. Nobody will know what you wrote. Take a candle and write on paper; the message will be buried until you rub a colour pencil over it to expose it. Keep your secret words a secret for the rest of your life.

9. No Scratch

Our shoes are frequently scratched and appear awkward. Don't be concerned; simply rub a candle. It is an excellent scratch remover and may restore the lustre to your shoes. In the same way, if you notice scratches and cracks in any wooden goods or anything else, use candles to seal and lock it again.

10. Crayons

What happens if your crayons break or run out when you're painting gorgeous scenery? You also do not have time to go shopping. Don't be concerned. Make use of any leftover candles you have at home. Melt them, then add food colouring or other colours, shape them like crayons, and set them aside to dry. Your crayons are now ready for use.

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