Celebrate Green Christmas: Use Banana Leaves to Wrap Gifts

25 Dec 2021
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Christmas is a time of year when people exchange gifts and sweets, which necessitates the use of a great deal of plastic and paper only to wrap the things. Banana leaves are the answer if you're looking for a sustainable and ecologically friendly approach to wrapping your gifts. Just go through the article below. #ThinkWithNiche.


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Christmas is pronounced Christ-mass. For centuries, Christmas was observed not as a single day but as a season in many areas of the globe, commencing on December 24, Christmas Eve. Perhaps, the custom of celebrating the night before the big day dates to ancient Jewish calendars. The history of commemorating it dates to at least the fourth century, despite the date being an estimate. Christian traditions replaced pagan solstice festivals across Europe as a result of the church's influence. More innocent pagan customs were frequently carried over into the Christmas celebration, where they were given new significance. Evergreen trees were seen as a sign of inexhaustible life. Martin Luther introduced them to the Reformation Church by bringing in a tree illuminated with candles on Christmas Eve to his family as a picture of our unending life in Christ.

So, why not be a bit more natural and eco-friendlier when we're enjoying such an everlasting green celebration? Christmas is a time of year when people exchange gifts and sweets, which means that a lot of plastic and paper is needed only to wrap the items. If you're seeking a sustainable and environmentally responsible way to wrap your gifts, banana leaves are the answer. Banana leaves are completely sustainable and ecologically beneficial. Once they've been dumped, they will deteriorate exactly like any other plant product. Other benefits of employing banana leaves are their ease of availability, low cost, and distinctiveness of packaging. They will undoubtedly stand out and attract attention.

Here's how you can make this Christmas a little eco-friendlier:

Step 1: Determine the size of the present you want to wrap in a banana leaf.

Step 2: Place the present in the banana leaf's center.

Step 3: Use the banana leaves to wrap the present.

Step 4: You may tie it up with a string or any decorating lace.

Step 5: You can fold the sides in if necessary, or leave it as is.

Step 6: If you want to embellish the packaging, you can use any other natural product you have on hand.

Step 7: To adorn the gift, you may use flowers or even berries.

So, think of the ideal gifts for your loved ones and wrap them without wasting paper.

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