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17 Nov 2021
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The advantage of blog styles is that visitors prefer not to waste time exploring the internet by being able to point to a certain portion. #ThinkWithNiche


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The important thing is to choose the best format for the blog topic you're writing about. It's important to consider your point of view, but it's also important to consider who the content is intended for - therefore look at your analytics and see which blog types your readers are currently engaging with. Here is the list

HOW-TO- For B2B bloggers, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms. Given their importance to inbound marketers for two reasons, this is expected. They're ideal for instructional strategies, which are at the heart of inbound marketing. When people are looking for educational content, they can find them organically on search engines. Use a how-to article structure to share knowledge with your audience that is both instructional and amusing. This type of blog is usually written in the form of a listicle.

WHAT- The 'what' post style is ideal for introducing or explaining a single subject, emphasizing what it is and why it is important to your reader. It primarily serves to address the query "what is..." presented by those seeking a lengthy description of the subject's value or relevance. When writing a 'What' blog article, bear in mind that you, not your reader, are the authority on the subject. You should strive to make the subject as simple as possible for the audience by performing the foregoing: Stay away from jargon from the industry. Make comparisons to concepts you're confident your viewers are familiar with. It is advisable to use short sentences.

WHY- Be it the latest fad, a new technology, or a broad notion, a "why" article may help bring attention to and emphasize the importance of the subject at hand. The 'why' post, like the 'what' post, is essentially fairly introductory in nature, but it takes a step further by answering the 'why' aspect of the argument to back up the relevance of the subject. What is the significance of this to me? Why should I be concerned? To write an amazing 'Why' piece, you should use the same three simple writing guidelines that I laid out in the 'What' post.

LIST- The list post, often known as the 'listicle,' is a hybrid of a list and an article. It's possible that it's the best-loved format of the blog. Why? This technique, in essence, absolutely succeeds! The list article usually offers some explanations, mysteries, kinds, or methods for accomplishing anything, providing the reader a very clear idea of what is on offer. The fact that they include a number in the headline gives you a heads up that you're going to read a list article (either to list steps or items). The list post has a poor reputation and is commonly mistaken for low-quality content. This is largely due to the fact that many poor blogs have embraced it as a template or format.

CURATED- A collection of useful information on a specific subject area is referred to as customized content.

Isn't it straightforward? It can be at times, but research takes time. Visitors prefer being able to direct to a certain section rather than wasting time exploring the internet, which is a benefit of this blog layout. Crafted articles are great for gathering information like data or market samples, and they may also help you gain confidence and credibility by connecting you with well-known business leaders on a variety of topics. This sort of response is great for positioning oneself with the go expert and networking with other bloggers.

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