Amazon Business Is Winning. Here’s Why

28 Sep 2021
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Amazon Business reached $10 billion in revenue in just four years. According to CNBC, this is faster than Amazon's consumer retail and cloud-computing businesses' growth. #ThinkWithNiche


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According to a recent survey, Amazon is the sixth-largest industrial distributor in the United States, according to Modern Distribution Management. Amazon Business is a must-have if you sell to companies. Amazon Business can teach B2B merchants a lot, and Amazon Business has a big impact on B2B retailers.

Make things simpler

Amazon Business has prioritised features such as pay by invoice, multiple user accounts, and approval procedures. There is also a punchout integration, which allows users to place items in a virtual basket before sending them to their procurement systems for approval. Among the more than 60 unique procurement links offered by Amazon are SAP Ariba, Coupa, and Oracle Supplier Network. People with different levels of access can be added to a company's Amazon account, such as an administrator with full power or a buyer with the ability to submit purchase requests to the firm for approval. Customers of Amazon Business can create Shopping Lists and Reorder Lists (products remain on the list after they are purchased) (once items are purchased they are removed from your list). Lower pricing for larger purchases is another benefit that businesses anticipate from Amazon. Office supply and other consumables buyers can also set up automated re-delivery services. Finally, Amazon Business facilitates the purchasing of goods and services online by businesses. Amazon Business assists customers with their everyday chores. Regulations and purchasing procedures are supported.

Obtaining Success

Amazon launched its Business Prime programme earlier this year. Business Prime, like Amazon Prime, offers several subscription choices for a yearly fee. High-level memberships also provide spending insight and direct buying, allowing employees to purchase preferred products while prohibiting customers from purchasing items that do not meet a seller's procurement criteria. The Essentials level is the most economical, starting at $179 per year for up to three people. Customers in business are extremely busy. They want an excellent product at a reasonable price. Customers are more inclined to place all of their orders with Amazon as a result of products like Business Prime. Customers may use Amazon Business to look for businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans, and other diverse groups by uploading credentials. As a result, companies that encourage diversity benefit. Furthermore, it improves Amazon's reputation.


One of Amazon's basic beliefs is that "Day 1" never occurs. In other words, the company cannot afford to be complacent. Amazon employees are expected to be focused with their clients' demands. Employees at Amazon are encouraged to be inventive and creative in their job. Those beliefs are outlined in the company's leadership principles on their careers website, and they are reflected in their digital commerce products. Amazon Business, according to a new study, is continuously adding capabilities and testing upgrades. According to Amazon, a new version of their software is released every 11.7 seconds. To deliver a better experience for its customers, the company constantly tests, measures, learns, and improves its goods.

A New World Has Arrived

Firms cannot ignore Amazon in the realm of business-to-business (b2b). Your market share and revenues are expected to decline as a result of Amazon and other digital behemoths. Be cautious if you sell on Amazon. Don't rely on it exclusively. By drawing inspiration from Amazon's success, you can create a digital experience for your customers that simplifies their lives. Independent B2B businesses may potentially compete with Amazon's offerings. It has the benefits of being smaller and more specialised. If you know what you're doing, you can enhance both customer service and subject matter expertise. Unfortunately, this isn't good enough. Continuous testing and adjustment of digital commerce investments is necessary, rather than a large effort every few years.

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