8 Ways To Make Your Job More Exciting

31 Jul 2021
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Jobs can be extremely tiresome and mundane which is why you need something exciting to keep you motivated and fresh. Here are 8 exciting and innovative ways to cheer you up when things become too tiresome.#ThinkWithNiche


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Jobs can be extremely tiresome and mundane for a lot of people. Even for people who do love their job. Doing the same thing for hours can bore a person. This is why you see big corporations trying out all kinds of activities to cheer up their workforce. After all, it directly affects their work and their work affects the business. The efficiency of the work done by the person would not match the standards. There have been countless scientific studies that suggest that a lot of professional problems stem from a tired and boring routine.

It is this routine that is a huge threat to your mental health and can push you into a pit of boredom. This is why you will have to find external ways to make your job more exciting. It can be anything that lights a glimmer of excitement in your daily life. Many types of research suggest countless scientific and practical ways with which you can make your job exciting. Let’s look at some of them right away.

Create A New Project

Many times people get bored because they have been doing the same thing for a very long time. So what you need to do is to start working on some new project. But we all know in a corporate environment, one cannot just go and start a whole new project. What you need to do is to identify a problem. It could be related to anything; your workplace, your office environment, or just the way of doing a job, etc. Once you have done that, then go to your manager and discuss it with them. Try to lead the project if it gets a go from the management team. It doesn’t matter if the project is big or small. At least you’d be working on something new for a change. This will also show a few of your hidden traits or talents.

Learn New Skills

Have you ever asked yourself why we stop learning new things after a certain age? Learning a new skill is a great way to bring some excitement into your life. It can break your everyday routine and you may end up acquiring some great and useful skills. The whole process of learning something new always brings something new altogether into your life and your personality. So it will help you in your job. You can learn just about any new skill. From creative skills such as painting, music, writing, sculpting, to professional skills such as management, a new course, etc. There are many online and offline classes that can help you in learning different things.

Play Music

Music has serious psychological effects on your mental health. It has the power to mold your mood and boost your productivity. It can work wonders as a tool for distraction or could work opposite and give you a more immersive experience on the whole. Therefore listening to music while working can make things exciting for you. It will also help you avoid all the boredom. 

Ask For A Promotion

Sometimes what happens is that managers often forget to evaluate their co-workers. Thus it’s possible that your promotion is due but your manager hasn’t paid any attention to it or forgot about it. So a friendly reminder always helps people. If you are indeed due for promotion, you’ll get it and if not; then at least you’d have improved your advocacy skills. You need to have communication with the manager and try to keep a good track of your work in your office.


Human is a social animal and therefore need human connection no matter where we go. The same applies to our workforce. If you have better friends and companions at your workplace, you’d automatically be happy going to work just so you could meet your friends. Your workplace isn’t that difficult place to make friends or expand your network. Just take a coworker to lunch or coffee. It’ll help you build a networking habit and will make your social life more happening.

See Others As A Competition

A little competition doesn’t harm anyone. It can work as an incentive for you to work extra hard and passionately. When you see your co-workers as competition, it’d give you a boost to outdo them in one way or another. Healthy competition is always good. But always remember this can take a dark turn if you become too obsessed with it. So just keep it casual and healthy. Don’t overdo it or else you could end up in a loop of tireless work habits. 

Take Breaks

Working for a long period can lead to a feeling of fatigue. And once you start feeling that, say goodbye to productivity. To prevent anything like this, one must take breaks from time to time. Since office hours run from 7-8 hours, it’s humanly possible to stay focused for all that time. Also, it can give you health problems. Thus remember to get up from your chair, take a short walk, drink coffee, chat with a friend, etc. Just break that mundane cycle.

Look At The Large Picture

People get so immersed in their work that they often forget to look at the large picture. The large picture here refers to your career graph. You must decide what your career graph is going to look like for it will determine many things in your life, including your happiness. Therefore it’s important to take a break and think about what you want to do in the future and what kind of future you want. After you have put some thought into your career, come up with a plan. A plan always helps you keep track of your larger objective. It will also help you if you are thinking of changing gears and stepping into a completely new profession. 

There are tons of things one can do to break the everyday cycle of a job. Jobs can be taxing and can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Hence you must take care of yourself and indulge in fun activities even at work. Making your work fun is a great way to ensure a healthy and happy professional life.

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