4 Largest Wildlife Conservation Project in India

27 Sep 2021
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India has had a past of negligence towards the environment and wildlife. That negligence eventually led to drastic changes in the environment. Thankfully the government came to its senses and launched many grand wildlife conservation projects. Here's a list of a few of them. #ThinkWithNiche


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India has had an ignorant attitude towards the environment and environmental preservation. This ignorant attitude has led to much of the damage that India has procured over the years. Nature is hugely exploited in our land and there are no two ways about it. The government, for a long time, didn't do anything to heal the damage that was done. It was after much outrage from many environmental activists that the government began to undertake wildlife preservation or conservation projects.

Over the past decade, a lot has changed. The environment has become an election issue now and there is a lot more awareness around our environment and Global warming in India. Even a lot of common citizens are aware of their duty towards the environment. The biggest example is that of the Aarey forest in Maharashtra. The famous Aarey in Mumbai is one of the few green areas left in the city. In 2020, the government of Maharashtra decided to pass a metro line through Aarey and that led to a huge public outcry. After a huge protest and online outrage, the government had to shift the metro line to a different area. This was completely done by the common citizens. So there definitely has been a huge change in the attitude of the public. Let's now look at the 5 largest Wildlife Conservation projects in India.

1. Project Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards are a rare breed of Leopard that are found in the Himalayan landscape. The cold atmosphere of the region suits these beautiful striped creatures. The government of India has declared this species as a highly vulnerable species, that, if not saved, is on the brink of extinction. India launched a program called 'Project Snow Leopard' in the year 2009. Since Snow Leopards are most vulnerable to poaching, loss of habitat and man-animal conflict, the aim of the program was to launch a participatory approach to save the species from getting extinct.

2. Project Tiger

India was known for Tiger hunting. As a matter of fact, hunting was a national sport for many elites back in the day and continues to be so. Many boasts of the number of tigers they have killed and skinned. Soon the cases of hunting soared sky-high and resulted in a huge decrease in the population of tigers. Deforestation also led to a decline in the national tiger population. To fight this, the government launched 'Project Tiger' wherein strict legal actions were taken against those who were found hunting. The act of killing a tiger has become a legal offense. The strict actions of the government have successfully allowed the tiger population to exist in their natural habitat. Recent surveys show that there has been a rise in the tiger population. It's not much but enough to make the project a success.


3. Tiger Task Force

This is basically an extension of 'Project Tiger'. The aim of this project was to ensure that the project becomes a success. Since hunters were stubborn and were scattered across India, there had to be a designated unit to look after the matter. The aim of the Tiger Task Force was to make sure that the various Tiger conservation initiatives are properly implemented.


4. Project Elephant

Indians have had a dark past when it comes to how animals were treated. As was the case with tigers, elephants were also popular amongst hunters and were seen as a badge of pride. The tusks of elephants were sold at high prices and their skins were also sold rampantly. Launched in 1992, Project Elephant is a wildlife conservation project that was launched by the center. The aim of the project was to impose strict laws against the hunting of elephants and to see the management of the elephant population in India.

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