Prince Harry Is Producing A Memoir – But Is He Writing It?

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Prince Harry Is Producing A Memoir – But Is He Writing It?
31 Jul 2021
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News Synopsis

There is a saying that “Never judge a book by its cover”, but here after reading the news, I felt like never judge a book by its author name. As mentioned in the story it is really mysterious, whose memoir or autobiography is this? Price Harry is declaring to publish his memoir but originally as not real Prince Harry. The memoir is about Pulitzer Prize winner JR Meringue Is he using his pen name or he is writing another person’s memoir on behalf of him? If really this is the matter, it is really painful to write another person’s life story. Writing is not an easy job, as only a writer can tell you. A writer wants to give his all to the readers.

And now, as the news story takes a turn, it is about ghost-story writing. Ghost stories have the demand for sure, but some writer’s scrutiny is saying that the trend is not really for ghost stories, nowadays thriller and classical stories have grabbed the market trend. The book publishing industry is quite large, and several steps must be completed before a single book can be published. Ghost stories, on the other hand, are in high demand. It isn't truly losing market share, in my opinion. However, each genre has a different fan base.

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