Capital India To Invest $25 Million In Education Loan Firm Credenc

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31 Jul 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

This investment can be seen as a positive inflow of money into the education sector. As stated in the article, Indians spend billions of dollars on college fees alone. That’s a huge amount. But the problem is that only a certain sector of the Indian population enjoys the benefits of higher education. Private schools in India are expensive and not everyone can afford them. And we all know the state of government schools and colleges in India. Hence many students, and dare I say, bright students, end up dropping out of school because of their socio-economic background. 

This is where educational loans come in. Organizations like Credence provide many passionate and bright students, who wouldn’t have been able to afford higher studies, a chance to make their career. These education loans provide a huge relief to many students. Hence I see this investment as a huge positive and one that will benefit the whole education sector of India and hopefully helps thousands of students. We need more big firms like Capital India to invest in the education sector. Another big positive aspect of this investment is that since Credence is a homegrown start-up, an investment like this gives a huge push to the local start-up scene. It also gives a huge boost to many entrepreneurs and makes them see hope.