Five Numerology Tips for Success in Life

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Five Numerology Tips for Success in Life
15 Oct 2021
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Numerology has been gaining popularity lately but it is not a new science, it has its origin from the past There is now a growing belief that numbers not only have mathematical value but also a magical divine power. The well known Mathematician and scientist, Pythagoras, who studied numbers in depth, understood that they can bring changes to a person’s life and fate altogether. Numerology comes from the words, numero (numbers) + logy ( science), a science of numbers, it has logical explanations and evidence. #ThinkWithNiche

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Today, people are leaving no stone unturned to achieve quick success, they are now adopting smart work instead of hard work, hence the popularity and demand for numerology are growing by the day. 

Although there are various paradigms of achieving quick success, people are adopting the help of numerology tips and divine energies to bring themselves prosperity and success, so let's take a quick look at some easy to follow numerology tips-

Wear a Watch

Since the availability of mobile phones has increased staggeringly, people have refused to wear a watch and stopped understanding its relevance. According to numerology, wearing a metal watch, preferably golden in colour, provides a sense of connection with the numbers in your life, It  is said that the watch will open doors to opportunities for you and will provide scope for success in everything you decide to do. The watch shall improve your social relations and business relations. 

Check The Time

A numerology expert suggests never to begin or initiate a task during the time when the minute clock strikes 45. According to numerology, 45 means quarter, for example, 8:45, means quarter to nine. Numerology says that any task done between the quarter of the hour shall be completed only quatersome, meaning it shall not yield good or satisfactory results, they will be incomplete and incompetent, this is not a superstition but a logical fact. 

Wear a Crystal

Crystals are known to energize your aura, cleanse it and help your consciousness to focus on goals. Crystals are not  just normal stones, they are divine stones. Numerology suggests wearing a crystal in your left hand it forms a connection with your inner self and stay grounded. They will help you channelize your energy to achieve your desired goals. .

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Colours not only enhance the vibe of your office but also bring prosperity.Use golden colour for optimism, success, and happiness, use colour green for peace, growth and stability, add brown colour or earthy shades to your office to boost prosperity, and lastly it is suggested to use red for willpower and determination.

Respect Your Parents

Apart from all advice that one receives from the outside world, the biggest boost to one’s success comes from respecting their parents. The parents should always be well respected and kept with utmost civility. Parents are next to God and numerology suggests building strong relations with your parents and this shall help achieve new heights of success.

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