Lenskart Gets A $220 Million Huge Investments

31 Jul 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

The Indian start-up scene is growing huge day by the day. The recent investment in Lenskart presents this fact and just shows the business potential India holds. The investment made by Temasek in Lenksart is great for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, it’s great news for the brand as they can now focus on expansion and building their brand name outside the Indian market, as Lenskart said they will do. Indian brands and firms have often been very limited to the Indian market and hence they have often failed to reach their highest potential net profit and consumer base. But with Lenskart making it to establish itself in the Middle East, this can be a true game-changer for other Indian start-ups as expansion is not always about the money.

Secondly, this investment can lure in a lot more international investors to India and make them invest in homegrown brands. International investors, not only bring money but also a certain reputation along with them. And when a certain start-up gets the goodwill attached to its name, it can work wonders for that particular start-up. But for many reasons, international investors have been shying away from investing in India but now with this huge investment, things can change for the good. Apart from these two major reasons, there is countless other positive repercussions this investment would have on the Indian start-up scene. For me, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing Indian brands getting their due recognition.  


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