Google Maps Will Soon Display Prices For Tolls On Roads: Report

24 Aug 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Google constantly develops its Maps program to create it more useful for users. Now, they sent a message to the members of the Google Maps Preview Program. It was about the subsequent major feature that will be added to the application soon. The feature will automatically display the costs for tolls on roads, bridges, and other potentially expensive additions on your navigation route. Having up-to-date information about tolls can be an important advantage for Google Maps users, allowing drivers to be more selective about which routes to require and helping them decide the trade-off between time savings and toll charges.

It's not clear how Google is applying price information from various toll operators, but a similar feature has been available in Waze for the past years. But Google announced earlier this year it had worked with over 80 transit agencies around the world to permit users to shop for fares directly within Google Maps before a visit using Google Pay and cards linked to it.

It wouldn't be hard to imagine Map users driving through foreign cities having the ability to buy road tolls before from Google Maps and Google Pay, instead of with cash or cards. This might ease overcrowding at toll booths where drivers don't already depend upon automatic payment devices installed in cars.


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